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Rashers Griller Stand

Mister Tjoppie Rashers Griller_360x360


Rashers griller aka the Fat tanner is used to render the fatty portions of the meet or to get that perfect crispiness without over cooking the rest of the meat, great for your thinner cuts like rashers, etc. No more need to try and balance or hold your desired meat with a tong. Tan that fat to perfection. Multipurpose, use it for anything else that can slide in the grooves e.g. tongs, knives, serviettes etc.

Additional information

Designed with stainless steel which allows you to bend the structure for shorter or longer cuts of meat. The ribs are 1cm wide, place thicker meats on the side. Place on top of your grill and closest to your desired heat. No direct contact whilst hot, use utensil to move.